Your coffee table is listening

Coffee table

Your coffee table wants to join in the conversation.

That’s rather difficult right now, what with it being made from wood and all. However, it’s descendants will soon be able to eavesdrop on your parties and make their own contributions.

Say you’re talking about your recent trip to Italy. Your coffee table chimes in by showing — without even being asked — pictures from your trip.

That’s because, as the New York Post reports, your coffee table has been listening the whole time and anticipating that you’d like to show some pictures. (Psst, be careful not to bring up your sex life.)

This is not “someday” sort of technology. The Post reports the Facebook Coffee Table is already using real-time speech analysis to pick up keywords from conversations.

The Post reports that MIT Media Lab scientist David Rose is fine-tuning the design for a major hotel chain to function as a self-service concierge.

The hotel table will also display nearby events, restaurant suggestions and displays about traffic and weather.

Just be careful what you ask for. You might get it.