Which Smartphone is Right for You?


Smartphones are a cornerstone of connectivity in the modern world. They provide countless utilities to the individual in a wide range of situations and lifestyles. However, there are so many choices and prices that it can become a challenge to discover and obtain the phone that is right for you. Many get caught in the whirlwind of new releases and latest developments, catering to trend when it comes to purchasing a phone. The key isn’t to hunt for the “best” phone but rather the phone that suite your needs.

The following is a selection of phones for different kinds of people each with different needs.

iPhone 5

As one of the most popular smartphones in the world, few selling points are needed for the latest iPhone. It boasts a new 4-inch screen with 4G internet speeds faster than any previous iPhone model. The iPhone is a simple to use and intuitive device, pricey but easily suited to the common user’s needs.

Samsung Galaxy S3

With all the hype around the iPhone, it is easy to forget that plenty of other smartphones exist. Some (gasp!) may be even better than the iPhone itself. One phone giving Apple a run for its money is the Samsung Galaxy. The most obvious aspect is the screen. The Samsung Galaxy is both taller and wider than the iPhone without being clumsy. The keyboard has better spacing and usability for a touch screen. The added component of removable storage makes this a great option for tech users who desire a degree of customizability.

Motorola Razr M

Back in the day, Motorola was the cutting edge of cell phone technology. The first of the Razr series was not only an innovative piece of technology but also a distinguished design. The new Razr M promises to return to those days of glory. Offering one of the most powerful batteries on the market, the Razr can last up to 20 hours on a single charge regardless of use. The Android operating system puts forth simplicity similar to Apple’s iPhone while making available a wide range of utilities. Although it is not the best in any particular area, the Razr M assembles a bit of everything—for half the price.

Nokia Lumina 920

When it comes to the wow factor, the Nokia Lumina definitely impresses with its sleek and color design. It also offers a screen larger than that of the iPhone and runs on a Windows Phone 8 operating system. As a result, it promises to be a good gaming phone. The arguably coolest part is that the phone has a built in wireless charging option, which can be great when combined with the right hardware.

Whether you like simple, customizable, affordable, or gaming, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need in today’s smartphone market.