What is an Ezine Anyway?


By now I’m sure that you’ve heard the word ezine online. Ezines are all over the web, and every ezine publisher would love it if you would subscribe to their ezine. But chances are you are not about to sign up for someone’s ezine if you don’t even know what an ezine is!

So what is an ezine?
An ezine is an electronic publication or magazine. More simply, it is an e-newsletter. Many content providers, web site owners who publish content, will offer free subscription to their ezines on their websites.

Why should you subscribe to an ezine?
When you find a reliable ezine to subscribe to in an area that is of interest to you, you will be receiving valuable information in every issue that is delivered to you. And the best part is that it is free!

What kinds of topics are covered in ezines?
Ezines are available on just about any topic you can imagine. I have seen ezines that specialize in information on:

  • Bee-keeping
  • Astrology
  • Cooking
  • Business Practices
  • Spiritual Interests
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Health
  • Exercise
  • And so much more!

What to look for before subscribing to an ezine:

    • Privacy policy. This is the most important thing to look for in an ezine. A reputable ezine publisher will always disclose what you are giving them permission to do with your email address when you subscribe. If you do not see a privacy policy do not subscribe. Ezine subscription privacy policies are usually very short and very straight forward. For example, you may see something like this – “Your email address will never be shared or sold and will only be used for the purpose of delivering this ezine to you.”
    • Content. Next to privacy policies, this is the second most important thing to look for before subscribing to an ezine. Will the publisher be sending you quality content that matters to you, or will they just be trying to sell you things in their ezine? The best way to find out, is to check their archives (see the next point in this list).
    • Archives. You will often see links to previous issues near an ezine sign up form. Take a look at these ezine archives and see if it is truly a publication that you want to subscribe to.
    • Frequency. How often is the ezine published? Is it daily, weekly, monthly, etc.? You may be interested in the ezine topic, but not in receiving an issue every day of the week. So make sure that the frequency meets your needs and is not going to lead to a bunch of email that you will never read.

How do you subscribe to an ezine?
There are usually 2 ways to subscribe to an ezine: via email or via rss feed. I’ll discuss rss feeds in another blog post as it is a topic in and of itself. So for now, let’s look at email subscriptions.

You should see an ezine subscription form on a website that publishes an ezine. Usually this form will require nothing more than your email address. If you see a form that requires your name, phone number, or other personal information, go back and read the privacy policy described above to be certain that this information is secure.

Once you have filled in the form with your email address, you will usually receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. This next step is important! If you don’t follow the instructions in that confirmation email, your subscription will not be activated! So look for that email and respond appropriately.

Ezines are a great source of valuable free information and an incredible advantage to our online times that we are living in.