Track Your Social Media Unfollowers

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For most social media users, it’s a bummer to notice someone has unfriended or unfollowed you out of the blue. It’s even worse when it’s several people at a time. Instead of obsessively scrolling through your list of friends or followers to find the culprit, the Internet has made it much easier to see who removed you and when. While a website can’t tell you why someone did it, you can, perhaps, notice a pattern or trend and figure it out on your own.

Twitter users who have lost a follower or two can quickly see who ditched them with Connect with your Twitter account, and the site does all the work for you. The best part is that it won’t access your account and post spam tweets or send any messages on your behalf.

The site allows you to see which users have unfollowed you within seven days. You can also see which users are not following you back and who you are not following back. To access an unlimited history of unfollowers, you must pay a fee. But for quick regular checks, this is the best site for Twitter fans. is very similar, but it will trick you into doing some things if you are not careful. Be sure to uncheck the site’s ability to post tweets on your behalf, and check the “Follow @unfollowersme” only if you want to. The site will send you a daily email, if you wish, or it can notify you of your Twitter statistics once a week. Google Chrome offers a free extension on the browser, and an app is available for Android phones in the Google Play store.

Facebook makes it a little harder to find out who has unfriended you, likely due to new privacy settings. A site called Unfriend Finder used to provide you with the option of installing a tab on your Facebook page called “Unfriends.” From here, you can quickly click and view who has deleted you from their friends list any time you want. This site is now defunct because it violates Facebook’s terms.

The best way to view who has unfriended you is by doing some sleuthing yourself. If you suspect a certain person of removing you, simply type his or her name into the site’s search bar. If no name comes up, the person either deactivated his or her account or blocked you. If the profile does come up, but the “Add friend+” button is in view, you were unfriended.

A second way to do this is to click on any year on your profile timeline. You can then access the “Friends” box for that particular year. From here, you can see all the people you were friends with at a certain point in the past. If you hover over their photo and a checkmark with “Friends” does not appear beside it, you two are no longer connected on Facebook. Keep in mind that you may have unfriended this person in the past without remembering. Before you get ready to send an angry message, email or text, determine whether or not you were the culprit.