Top 5 Cities for Tech Jobs Besides Silicon Valley


Whether you’re just starting out in the technology field, have been working within it for years, or you’re thinking about what you may want to do for a career in the future, there’s no getting around the simple truth that some cities are simply better than others for a bright and lucrative tech career.

Here are the top 5 cities for techies who want high paying jobs and the best opportunities.

  1. Atlanta. Sure, you were probably expecting to see Silicon Valley, New York City, and maybe even Seattle on this list, so it could be quite the surprise that Atlanta makes it. In truth, this Southern city is a hotbed of technological innovation and job creation. Some within the industry would actually refer to Atlanta as being a ‘sleeper tech city,’ one that’s commonly overlooked but still provides some incredible opportunities.

The salaries for many tech jobs are actually quite competitive and there are plenty of job opportunities for the rookie and seasoned veteran.


  1. Boston. Even though it’s easy to assume that Boston is more well-known for its history, as the birthplace of the American Revolution, it also is home to some of the best universities in the world, including Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

As a result, many students and professors spend their free time thinking of some pretty ingenious technological innovations that eventually become major money making enterprises. As a result, they’re constantly on the lookout for fresh faces and ideas.


  1. Huntsville, Alabama. It might not seem like a Southern city such as this would have much to offer the tech world, but when NASA Marshall Space Flight Center made Huntsville its home, things changed. Because of this relationship with NASA, there are many smaller tech companies serving their needs and that is making this a growing place for techies.

Depending on where a person is moving from, living in Huntsville can certainly take some time getting used to. It’s a different culture, but it’s safe, friendly, and vibrant.


  1. Phoenix. With more than 81,000 tech related jobs in 4,200 high-tech companies, Phoenix is one of the most profound cities for any tech specialist to consider moving to. Living here requires some backbone and ability to remain cool under pressure. Summertime high temperatures can average over 100 degrees, and that’s in the shade.

However, there is incredible beauty in the landscape in and around Phoenix and you’re only a couple of hours from L.A., San Diego, and the Pacific Ocean, which can make for a great long weekend getaway or take a trip up north to another hot city, Las Vegas.


  1. San Diego. There are more and more tech startups calling San Diego home, and it’s one of the main regions in the country for telecommunications tech (such as Qualcomm) that you’re bound to find the right job for you. What makes San Diego such an attractive place for tech specialists is the beauty that surrounds it. The Pacific Ocean on one side, rolling mountains on the other, and an abundance of fun throughout and all the way to Anaheim and L.A. just an hour and a half north, it’s a place where many people would love to live and work.


Written by G. T. Hedlund