The Power of Right Clicking: Part 2


Hopefully by now you have read Part 1 of The Power of Right Clicking. Let’s move on to Part 2 and go a little further with this powerful tool, your Right Mouse Button.

Open up in your web browser. Type “Love” into the search box. Look at that! Over 8 million results! Say you want to look at the, the, and several other search results. The long road to doing this is to click on the Wikipedia link, read the page, click your back button to return to the Google results, click on the link, read the page, click the back button to return to the Google results and so on.

Surely there’s a more efficient way to do this! After all, computers are designed to make your life easier, not more complicated. Enter the Right Click.

Go back to your Google search results page. This time, Right Click on the Wikipedia result and select “open in new tab”. Look at that! Your Google results page is still there, but now you have Wikipedia open as well.

While still on the Google page, Right Click again, this time on the link. Select “open in new tab”.

When you are done with a tab, you will notice there is a little “x” on it. You can click (Left Click) on that “x” and that tab will close.

Right Click away! When you Right Click on a Link, explore some of the other options you have there as well. Remember, you can’t break anything by Right Clicking. It is a tool designed to make your computer life much easier, so give it a whirl!