The New Playstation 4


When the Playstation 1 was launched by Sony, it was what people called a magical unfolding. The graphics on that system were rich and elegant, given the time period when it was launched. Then with the birth of the Playstation 2, Sony took the video games and the console market to a whole new level. In 2006, the next-gen Playstation 3 arrived. With support for high-definition gaming and a completely new age graphics engine, the PS3 is a must have console nowadays. However, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 one year before the PS3, and this cost Sony heavily as gaming enthusiasts fled to Microsoft eagerly and some of them did not see a reason to purchase the PS3 when it arrived. This is one mistake which Sony wishes to rectify and/or avenge with the launch of the new Playstation 4 or PS4.

The PS4 as of now is only a rumor, with no definite news regarding its launch date, hardware specs, or features. But if the rumors are to be believed, then the next-gen console is slated for a late 2013 release. Sources claim that this time around, Sony will make sure that the PS4 is launched before the successor to the Xbox arrives.

Some more exciting rumors regarding the new Playstation 4 are:

• Instead of the PS4, the console could be named PlaystationOrbis.
• AMD chipsets will be backing both the console’s GPU as well as the CPU architecture.
• No backward compatibility for PS3 games will be provided.

Market experts believe that people should not expect the new Playstation 4 before 2014. In fact, Sony claims that the PS3 has a 10 year life cycle. So are you to believe that you won’t receive a PS4 before 2016? We will see, but they better not wait too long; Microsoft will then beat them to the punch again!