SantaCon Hits NYC, Digitally!


This past weekend marked a happy holiday among drunkards and celebrants alike: SantaCon. For those unaware of SantaCon’s illustrious history, wandering in to cities such as New York or Austin must have been more than a small surprise. On December 15th, hundreds if not thousands of young adults took the streets in Santa costumes for drinking and merriment. Why, you ask?

SantaCon’s roots go all the way back to 1978 in the city of Austin, Texas. Then called “Santa Rampage”, it began a tradition of inebriated holiday revelry in which pub-crawlers donned Saint Nick’s famous red threads and hit the bottle all across town. Now more than thirty years later, the legacy continues.

Various hashtags featuring SantaCon have blasted across social media this weekend from individuals and companies alike. Comedy Central tweeted a request for pictures of anyone dressed as Hanky from South Park while comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted that SantaCon seemed a perfect cover for a heist. Whatever your take, the season’s most hyped pub crawl brought droves of strangers into the streets to the amusement and frustration of bystanders.

Combining elements of flash mobbing and pub-crawling, SantaCon engaged young adults in cities all over the country and even the world: New York to London to Paris and beyond. Aside from setting Facebook and the Twitterverse ablaze with jolly costumed photos and status updates, SantaCon also served to inject local establishments with plenty of business.

Be sure to keep this in mind when December 2013 comes around. Either join the tsunami of Santa’s or be sure to get out of their way!