Mobile data called year’s biggest tech trend

Mobile data

And the most important technology trend of 2014 is …

Survey says?

The personal micro-verse of new data we are carrying about in our smartphones, fitness trackers, sensors, tricorders and other gadgets and gizmos we carry around all the time.

Actually, that’s not from any survey. Forbes magazine reports that comes straight from the high priestess of tech trends herself, Mary Meeker. According to Forbes, just about every in the tech industry takes time every now and again to climb the mountain and hear what the venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst has to say.

What Meeker, now with the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, is telling techies is that the number of “microelectromechanical systems” (all those gizmos we carry around) shipped every year has increased more than sixfold over the last five years.

Forbes reports there’s been a corresponding rise in the amount of data all those doohickeys are generating. According to the magazine, all that information is much more intelligible now because of the falling cost of cloud storage and computing power.

Meeker tells the magazine that’s just the beginning.

While 34 percent of the data we’re creating is useful to business people, she says, only 1 percent of it is being analyzed. As that changes, Meeker tells Forbes the number crunchers will see a dizzying array of “pattern-based solutions” to complicated problems like energy consumption, traffic and health care.

Of course, there will also be concerns about privacy and individual rights.

Big Brother will be watching you — and he’ll have something to sell.