Mark Anderson Turns Power Green


Mark Anderson is the CEO of Strategic News Service, the first subscription-based newsletter on the Internet. Over the past ten years, Mark has made a name for himself by accurately predicting shifts in the technology market. He forecasted Steve Jobs’ return to Apple as well as the fast growing “CarryAlong” industry of iPods and tablet computers. Now Mark is putting his attention on Green power solutions.

Mark envisions a world in which the carbon dioxide released from power planets or factories becomes a commodity instead of a waste product and a pollutant. The idea hinges on capturing that carbon dioxide and transforming it into Graphene, which are flat sheets of carbon similar to the kind found in pencils. From that raw material Graphene, many things can be manufactured: clothing, building materials, airplanes, and more.

Currently there is one start-up company called Graphene Technologies trying to find a demand for graphene materials. They offer flakes of graphene for a few dollars a pound. By mixing it into pain, cement, or other similar supplies, the graphene will turn the mixture into being stronger than steel.

For Mark, the appeal behind this idea is that it allows the people who make oil, natural gas, and coal to geton the accepting side of the Global Warming issue and find an economic way to profit from doing their part. Instead of such companies facing a public relations problem from contributing to the abundance of greenhouse gases, they can become pioneers for a cleaner way of doing business while seeing an economic benefit.

In a world where we are for the most part consumers, stripping forests bare and hollowing out mines, this would be an opportunity to become producers. Mark reminds us of a future in which most resources will be exhausted and insists responsibility lies with today’s industry leaders to pave the way for sustainable living.