Learn About All Of The New Products That Windows Is Offering


Apple has dominated the consumer technology industry for over a decade. Recently, though, critics have started to question whether the company can continue coming up with great ideas now that Steve Jobs is gone. Sure, the iPhone is still pretty cool, but aren’t Apple’s tablets just larger versions of an old design?

This has given Microsoft a chance to come into the consumer market with new, emboldened ideas that could put Windows back on top. Check out some of the company’s latest releases to see whether Microsoft could convert you with their flashy new gadgets and low (compared to  Apple, at least) prices.

Windows 8

Microsoft has had somewhat of a stigma sense unleashing Vista on unsuspecting customers. Vista fell so far short of consumer expectations that a lot of people became lifelong Apple devotees. Windows 7 helped repair Microsoft’s image a little, but it would need a really spectacular operating system to regain consumer confidence.

Enter Windows 8, one of the coolest products that Microsoft has released since… well, since ever. Windows 8 takes a completely different approach to computing. By doing so, it better meets the needs of today’s computer user. It synchs with other devices easily, it puts media and photos in intuitive places, and it lets you customize it to match your preferences.

An operating system that actually operates for the user? Remarkable.


Microsoft is using its Windows 8 hype to push a new device that combines some of the best features of laptops and tablets. Surface is extremely lightweight and it has a touch screen so you don’t need a clunky keyboard to watch movies, surf the Web, or find your friends online. Feel like your iPad already does all of that? Microsoft has taken the tablet to a new level.

The Surface comes with an attachable keyboard for those times when you actually want to type. Not using the keyboard? No problem. It flips around to stay out your way. The tablet also has a handy stand that keeps it upright and stable while you type. If you’ve shied away from earlier laptop-slash-tablet devices that seemed like odd Frankenstein creations, this is your chance to find out what a well-though-out device can do for you.