iTunes 11: What’s the Difference?


Apple’s new iTunes 11 stands out as the next evolution of the iTunes application, along with the ups and downs of being the first of any new step. Up until now, the majority of iTunes’ growth has come through small updates here and there that have tweaked the application’s function and display. The most recent of which notably robbed the whole application of color, reducing the aesthetic to a series of grays. However, iTunes 11 not only brings the color back into the picture but a brave new design.

Apple has always been known for their minimalism and strength in simplicity. Evidently users were finding iTunes to be more clumsy than necessary, which prompted Apple’s overhaul and development of iTunes 11. As opposed to earlier versions, iTunes 11 organizes music visually according to album. Apps are displayed as icons, movies as screenshots, and books as covers.

The Cover Flow view, which was named one of iTunes 7’s greatest features in 2006, is missing from the new iTunes 11. The Cover Flow view was convenient and easy not to mention groundbreaking at its time. Also, for anyone who enjoyed using iTunes DJ, it is time to say goodbye. However, it seems iTunes DJ will be replaced by “Up Next.”

Like any new major software update, iTunes 11 also has been discovered to have a few bugs. Some were rendering errors while others were more significant interface issues. However, all of that will be straightened out with future updates in time. For the moment, many users remain divided on how much was lost, how much was gained, and how much was really necessary to change.