iPhone 5 – What’s the Difference?


Eager Apple fans have excitedly awaited the arrival of the new iPhone5. Loyal consumers are not just an owner of the iPhone – they are fans and rave about how user friendly it is in an attempt to spread the iPhone fever. With all of this excitement non iPhone users and Apple fans wonder what is the difference and why should they upgrade. The phone itself is a combination of improvement that once again takes the world of mobile technology to new heights.
The major improvements from the iPhone4 are:
• Battery Life : For people that love to surf the net, play Pandora, Facebook, talk, text and email all day this is a major improvement. The new battery is supposed to last for 8 hours of talk time – meaning you can go longer in between charges.
• Lightweight : The new iPhone weighs only 3.96 ounces which makes it easier to hold.
• Larger Screen: The iPhone5 comes with a 4 inch screen as compared to a 3.5 inch screen on the previous models. This allows for better surfing, document viewing and movie watching. It also allows for a row of five icons on the home screens.
• Camera: The camera operates much faster which will be a relief for many iPhone users. The last model was very sluggish on opening the camera than allowing the user to take rapid shots. This upgrade should make it more user friendly and also allows the phone to take pictures in low light.
• Graphics: The A6 Chip upgrade causes the phones CPU to operate at twice the performance and renders graphics at two times the speed of the old iPhone
• 4G & LTE Capability: Perhaps the most important upgrade to the iPhone is that the new iPhone5 is 4G LTE compatible which means it will use the faster network capabilities from all carriers.
Apple is known for its constant drive to improve the customer experience. The new iPhone5 will not disappoint. The only challenge is deciding when to upgrade.