How to Use Vine for Business

Social media

Vine, a Twitter-integrated video app for smartphones, was a quick and major social media success. Before Instagram jumped on the bandwagon and added a video function to its app, Vine was revolutionary for allowing users to play around with short shots and simple editing without using a video camera. Vine has allowed for major creativity in ultra-short films, creating amateur directors and broadcasting their talents all over the world.

Vine is fun to play around with, but it can also be an excellent marketing tool for business. Using stop-motion film techniques is a great way to add an entertaining touch to a promo video, and this particular app makes it easy. Each video is short, so messages are no-nonsense and to the point.

Many national, recognizable brands are using Vine to their advantage. They’re a fast and fun way to introduce a new product. Taco Bell, for example, promoted its new Fiery Doritos Locos Taco on Vine by setting one on fire. It’s eye-catching and less grating than a television commercial. This is a video Twitter users can quickly play on their smartphones, tablets or computers at any time.

Local restaurants are also taking advantage of vine to promote new products and services. NoodleCat, a Cleveland-based Japanese restaurant, promoted its take-out options with a fun stop-motion Vine. Its message was clear, it showcased the products and services and it was effective.

The best videos on this app have little dialogue, attention-grabbing visuals, text and stop-motion cuts. Other successful videos incorporate humor or something unusual. In-focus shots, planning and a skilled “camera person” are essential for crafting the perfect Vine. Promoting an individual product, rather than the company as a whole, is best. The product or service should be in full view, and its capabilities should be shown.

You’ll want to integrate your Vine account into your company’s Twitter, as well. Use hashtags to make your video show up in searches. When your Vine is tweeted, others can retweet the short video and share it across the web. Another fun marketing strategy is encouraging users or customers to make their own Vines using your product. Above all, have fun with the app. The most effective videos are entertaining and have high replay value.