How to Keep Up with the Latest Online Tech Gadgets


Technology develops at an exponential rate. More discoveries and inventions have been made in the past hundred years than in the past thousand. Five years from now that will double. As technology evolves, more breakthroughs will lead to more progress. Much of this evolution will occur in the areas of science and medicine but a great amount also involves a private and individual aspect. Social media, personal tech gadgets, and perhaps new things yet to be conceived include the average person in this new age of tech booming. So how does one stay up to date and with it on what is new and useful?

The first method is simply becoming a reader of the cutting edge technology news sites. The obvious and useful sites are the most common: Techcrunch, Wired, and Gizmodo. These sites make a living off of keeping up with the newest trends and developments, so you can bet that they will be reporting whatever is the latest and greatest. They also admittedly do a thorough job of reporting the official story along with their own evaluation and investigative reporting. In this way it is possible to get a great deal of comprehensive information and perspective from seasoned experience.

Beyond the popular sites, there are also technology enthusiasts who have a hobby of exploring the lesser-known fringe elements in the world of tech development. Such enthusiasts generally run blogs or other social media platforms off of Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook. By the time a major popular tech news source is reporting on the next big thing, odds are anyone plugged into the industry heard about it months ago. Following the enthusiasts is a way of staying in the know even beyond the popular outlets.

History also has a lot to offer when considering the trajectory of technology. Computers have led to smartphones and tablets, which have in turn led to the development of apps. The Instagram photography app launched in 2010 and sold for a billion dollars two years later. That says everything about the entrepreneurial Wild West that apps have become. Technology has grown to be individualized and localized through personal devices while at the same time providing a greater level of connectivity. Social media has boomed not only because of the appeal but also because of the accessibility. Anyone can tweet, facebook, or blog from a phone at any time. By understanding what is popularly used now and why, one can expect where things may be heading.