How Technology Can Transform Your Holiday Décor

How Technology Can Transform Your Holiday Decor

Technology has been constantly changing the way we live and now it can change the way we celebrate the holidays too. The rise in diverse technologies has brought new and creative applications for the latest and greatest in many areas. When it comes to decorating your home, there is something for everyone both modern and affordable. The following are just four ways of bringing your holiday season to a new level.

Wireless Speakers
A key feature in any holiday décor is music. It sets the mood and permeates the atmosphere. Now with the availability of wireless technology, you can make a musical atmosphere all the more pervasive with the placement of wireless speakers. Strategically place such speakers around the house and living room before syncing them with your smartphone. Then you can DJ your favorite holidays tunes for the whole household to enjoy.

Electronic Picture Frames
Why just show off one picture when you can present dozens? With electronic picture frames, a static image becomes a montage of your favorite moments or images. You can put together a mix of photographs from your favorite holiday vacations, locations, or pictures of Santa with his elves and reindeer. A few picture frames loaded with constantly shifting stunning photographs can make your living room an endlessly transforming scene.

LED Atmosphere Vases
To match the changing music and photographs, one can also obtain LED Atmosphere Vases. These vases illuminate your flowers with a soft glow that can either be chosen specifically or set to a random flow. The result is beautifully striking lighting that changes with your décor, especially when combined with music and the changing picture frames.

Electronic Plant Pot
With all the madness the holiday season brings on, extra responsibilities tend to fall by the wayside. Taking care of plants can be fun but may also be a challenge at times. However, if you wanted to spruce up your holiday décor with no added effort on your part, an electronic plant pot may be the way to go. You simply fill the pot with a reservoir of water and the electronics and software do the rest. Grow whatever you want from beautiful flowers to basil or tomatoes.