Hoverboard: Possibility or Dream?

Teenage girl with skateboard


One of the great things about people is that they are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. People were never content with the train; we wanted personalized transportation. So we invented cars. But that still was not enough, so we invented airplanes. And since these inventions, we have been devising ways to steadily improve them.


Of course, innovations are happening all around us, all of the time. And while many of these advances are taking place in important fields like medicine, there are just as many happening that are designed at improving the quality of our lives through some type of leisure pursuit.


Hollywood has long been at the forefront of leisure, as their majestic pictures have often been filled with the stuff of imaginations, always inspiring people to dream about what could be instead of just settling for what is. And as we progress as a species, humans are increasingly able to make the things that we see on the big screen turn into reality.


One invention that has been seen in movies and on television for decades is the hoverboard. Skateboarding first started gaining popularity decades ago, and people have always been pushing the boundaries of what a skateboard could do ever since. Eventually, skateboarding was one of the catalysts that spawned the entire extreme sports genre, leading to now-mainstream productions like the X Games.


But almost as soon as the skateboard became a commonplace item, people started dreaming again: what if we had what is essentially a skateboard, but it hovered above the ground instead of rolling along on wheels?


Possibility or Dream?


The hoverboard seemed like a dream when it was first conceived, but in recent years, it is looking more and more like the hoverboard is not only a possibility, but an inevitability. We already have hovercrafts, but the skirt that is involved in keeping them off the ground is hardly practical for a skateboard-type vehicle. However, there are other ways to keep a board off the ground, including using magnetism.


One company may have already solved the hoverboard riddle. Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk released a prank video last year of him riding a hoverboard. But late in the year, another video came out that was the real deal, and it showed Hawk gliding around on what was being billed as the world’s first real hoverboard.


The company that made the board is called Hendo, and while they may not have perfected the technology just yet, they are right on the cusp of it. You can already order a board like the one Hawk rode in the video for a cool ten grand.


Over the years, the hoverboard has become sort of like Bigfoot – more myth than reality. Now, however, it looks like the dream is real, and it may be available for everyone much sooner than we think. Yet again, the ingenuity and perseverance of the human spirit shines through, producing a technological marvel.


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com