Helping Hand: Six Helpful iPhone Apps


Sometimes, downloading an iPhone app can make our incredibly busy lives just a little bit easier. Whether it’s a free tip calculator, a Skype app or a dictionary, the following six iPhone apps can help our lives run just a little bit smoother. Take a look at the list, and start downloading!

XE Currency: If you love to travel or your job requires you to spend a lot of time visiting other countries, make converting money easier with the XE Currency app for iPhone! TechRadar writes that it’s simple and easy to use, which makes converting U.S. dollars to the Euro, Pound and Rubles stress-free!

Navigon Mobile Navigator: If you drive everywhere or just have no sense of direction, download this handy iPhone app and never get lost again! Tech Republic adds that the company also makes built-in navigation systems for quite a few car brands; so you know  they are reputable and won’t give you the longer, more complicated route either. If you keep getting lost constantly, than this is the perfect app for you!

Skype: If you travel a lot and need to keep in touch with your business associates or merely want the Skype app as a backup just in case your Internet goes down, this is an essential download, says Tech Radar. Not only are calls free to other Skype users, the app allows you to use your iPod touch to make calls as well.

Kayak: For all of those who love to travel, PC Magazine recommends downloading this helpful iPhone app because it allows you to book flights, hotels, and also look up what kind of travel arrangements you’ll need once you arrive at your destination. Never get stuck at a horrible hotel once you’ve downloaded this app!

RedLaser: If you have food allergies, make grocery shopping a breeze when you download this app! TechRepublic writes that you can scan the barcodes of different products in order to find out more information, such as ingredients, price, etc. It will help you keep away from your food triggers and unhealthy products as well as lower your stress level when you’re out shopping.

Seamless: Why order food via the phone when you can just use this handy app? PC Magazine adds that it lowers the chances of miscommunication and getting the wrong order. Plus, you can pre-pay your bill and browse online menus as well. Make ordering lunch or dinner hassle-free with Seamless!

No matter which app you download, all six of them will help make your life,and your schedule run that much more smoothly, keeping you stress-free at the same time.