Google SmartWatch Offers New Mobile Advantages

Google SmartWatch Offers New Mobile Advantages

Smartphones put the power of an Internet-connected laptop in your pocket. What if you could go a little more futuristic, though, by accessing some of your favorite apps right on your wrist? That’s what the Google SmartWatch promises. It’s a whole new way of communicating and staying informed without the burden of a large mobile device.

Discreet Messaging From Practically Anywhere

The Google SmartWatch lets you read email from anywhere. You don’t even have to be that guy who’s constantly checking his phone as if he has something better going on. The SmartWatch gives you access to Gmail, POP3, and other email plugins. If it’s available in the Google Play Store, you can put it on your watch to read and send messages discreetly.

Going Social with Your SmartWatch

Keep your phone in your pocket. With the Google SmartWatch, you don’t have to worry about missing important tweets and Facebook messages. They all come to you through the small screen strapped to your wrist. That’s way cooler than anything Maxwell Smart ever had!

Keep Track of Important Dates and Events

The Google SmartWatch gives you access to a calendar that will let you keep track of important dates and events. It will even notify you when an important event is approaching. Just tap the screen to see details about the event.

Synching Your World on Multiple Devices

The Google SmartWatch offers advantages that you can’t get from smartphones. It’s much easier to tell the time by glancing down at your wrist than digging a phone out of your pocket. It’s also more polite to check messages discreetly on your watch than fiddle with your phone during a conversation or meeting. Of course, smartphones offer some advantages that you can’t get from a small timepiece.

That’s what makes Google Android so cool. By syncing your life to multiple devices, you never have to worry that you’re missing important information or meetings. You can rely on technology to reach you wherever you are without making you look foolish in front of other people.