Google Earth Street View Live


Today, with every book being digitized, it was about time that the atlas also took a new avatar. Hence, Google Earth and Google Maps were born. What these allow you to do is much more than any book ever could. With these applications, the user is free to fly over to any locations on Earth, view the terrain, 3D projections of the earth, local geography and maps, design routes to places, and so on. In 2007, the Street View technology was added to both Google Earth and Google Maps. Through Google Earth Street View Live, pictures of streets and locations are presented to the user for a panoramic viewing.

If you have used Google Earth, then you can view a particular street by zooming in beyond the available maximum level. However, do note that not all countries support the street view. Originally launched only for the United States, Google Earth Street View Live today features panoramic images from about 40 different countries and adjoining areas. In fact, you have access to images of the White House, the Alps, and even the Amazon rainforests!

Google uses 9 cameras pointing along different directions to take the images of the desired street and then stitches them together for the 360 degree view. However, not every country has taken to Google Earth Street View Live with the same attitude. Some authorities quote that the images taken are not always healthy for the moral code. This is what Cuba and North Korea says, and everyone knows China does not like an open Internet either. Therefore, it was discontinued in many regions. Google, however, maintains that all the pictures taken were of public properties. Whatever the concerns, Google Street View is a new experience, where every computer or smartphone can be converted to a museum, a traveler’s photo gallery, and so on.