Google Earth Flight Simulator Download


Most of the desktop users today have grown up flying, owing to the popular presence of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. Being able to fly around the globe and view the different terrain (without endangering the lives of others) as seen from the pilot’s cockpit is a whole new experience. Google, too, understood the significance of flight. Having launched groundbreaking applications such as Google Earth, flight simulation was the next one on the to-do list for a completely global experience. For the Google Earth Flight Simulator download, you only need to download Google Earth (version 4.2 or above), as the flight simulator is included within the package as an Easter egg.

Once you finish installing the application on your desktop, in order to start the simulator you can do either of the following:

• Press Ctrl+Alt+A(Windows) or Cmd+Option+A(Mac)
• Click on Enter Flight Simulator under the Tools menu

After starting the flight simulator, you will see a dialog box. Within this dialog box, you will have to select the Aircraft, the Starting position, or the airport and select a joystick if you have one connected to your computer. There are two different aircraft to choose from. Go ahead with the SR22 if you are a beginner.

The Google Earth Flight Simulator download at best is a basic flight simulator with nice visual imagery, and should not be expected to compete with other flight simulators on the market. However, since this simulator has access to Google Earth’s databases, you are in for a pleasant surprise. So stop waiting, download Google Earth and fly away!