Five Little Known Benefits to Having a LinkedIn Page


The one golden rule to success, as claimed by many, is that people should never mix their personal and professional lives. But with the Internet invading our lives and reaching out to our most well-kept secrets, being Google-proof is nothing short of an impossible task.

The Game is Changing

Social-networks, especially Facebook today are being used as sources by employers to gain more knowledge regarding their employees or potential ones. Of course you can always adjust your privacy settings to prevent your boss from checking out your last week’s party photos, but it would be easier and simpler to prevent it altogether, right?

The Advantage of LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn page resolves this, as well as helping to preserve your professional identity, along with offering a plethora of other benefits. Let us take a look at five such benefits which LinkedIn has to offer:

1. Job oriented groups
Community forums and discussion groups prove to be a great way to discuss and introduce your products, services, and prospective plans to a target audience which might prove to be a superb learning experience. LinkedIn has a group for almost every single product category and company present, so you are sure to learn from the past experiences of others. Moreover, suggestions and reviews form an integral part of such groups, which essentially means instant feedback. Also, these groups inform you of emerging trends and business models being adapted the world over.

2. Events
Among the many benefits of LinkedIn, the biggest is perhaps the user-base. LinkedIn today has more than 8 million professionals from about 140 various fields. With such a vast number of companies making their online presence, you can easily check out upcoming events such as conferences, training events, product launches, and so on, and inform others of the same.

3. Creation of company-specific profiles
Having a LinkedIn page connects you to a vast number of users who are connected to the same field of professional interest. Having your correct company information is an important component of marketing and helps in promoting your company and you. You can easily read about businesses based upon your job preferences, get in touch with people from that particular firm, and shape your career!

4. Better job search and listing
LinkedIn is backed by SimplyHired and Dice, both of which are reputed job providers. A major distinction that LinkedIn has over other websites such as is that you can refer open job positions to other people you know who are interested in similar jobs, thus making optimum use of a wide network.

5. Connectivity
Connectivity is what stands out on any LinkedIn page. The users can dramatically increase their networks and identify links and relationships which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

An Investigative Tool
LinkedIn is social networking for the professional age. Be it checking out your competitors, or measuring the health and relevance of a private company or organization, the possibilities and benefits of LinkedIn are unlimited. It all depends on how you choose to use it to your advantage.