Five Great Back-to-School iPhone Apps for Students

school apps image

Summer is almost over, and the airwaves are thick with “back-to-school” commercials. If you’re heading back to school soon, you probably want to start deleting some games and making room for some helpful academic apps. Here are five great iPhone apps for students.

1. EasyBib

Anyone who has ever had to write a paper for school knows that the most excruciating part of writing an essay is properly citing your sources. Enter EasyBib, an app that makes it easy to generate correct citation format, just by scanning the bar code on the book you’re referencing.

2. BenchPrep

Perfect for whatever level of schooling you’ve attained, BenchPrep is a free tool for studying for a bunch of different standardized tests. Supported study guides include SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, ACT, PCAT, AP, CFA, and TEAS prep. You can also study subjects like algebra, Spanish and calculus.

3. Flashcards*

Need to review before a big test? Make your life easier by creating flash cards as you complete each unit, and you’ll have a great study aid right on your phone. You can store or share your flashcards, too!

4. Grades 2

Students sometimes need help determining whether they’re on the right track. With Grades 2, you can just plug in your homework and quiz grades to date, and get an estimate of your grade by the end of term. This is a great app for students, or for their parents.

5. Amazon Student

Let’s be honest: The college bookstore is probably ripping you off. The books are priced too high, and you get practically nothing when you trade them back in. Get a better price when you re-sell books online with Amazon Student. You can trade in electronics, games and movies as well! No more standing in line with stacks of heavy books!