DIY Repairs With The iFixit App


Often a repair or a renovation seems like an unwieldy mess when tackled alone. Hours of inspection and tinkering are no guarantee of progress. And yet a professional or handyman may arrive on the scene to put things right in a matter of minutes. Now with the iFixit app, you can bridge that gap between amateur and professional when it comes to servicing your needs.

iFixit sports thousands of how-to guides for fixing anything. From cameras to game consoles to musical instruments, anything that you may need to fix on the go is accounted for in this app. Select from a list of categories, specify what device and model, and then choose from a variety of parts and problems to fix and maintenance. Instructions are presented with images and step-by-step instructions. Zoom and pan as needed to attain and in depth look at whatever with which you are dealing.

As an entirely free app, iFixit stands to save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to repairs or outdated warranties. It has garnered hundreds of reviews attributing to it the score of 4 stars out of five.

Some worry as technology begins to invade our lifestyles that we will become to accustomed to things being done for us. iFixit is evidence to the contrary, demonstrating how technology and availability of information can not only be of use but also catalyze the move towards a do it yourself lifestyle.