Dating Apps: How Dangerous Can They Be?

Smiling man on yellow background

Smiling man on yellow background

Almost every person on the planet shares on thing in common: they want to find someone that they can fall in love with and spend time around. Of course, in today’s modern, technology-driven world, even finding the time to meet someone can prove difficult, and that is to say nothing of how hard it is to actually connect with somebody that you do meet.

The difficulties of dating in the twenty-first century are not lost on many people, and that is why there has been an explosion of dating services in the last decade. Making it easier to find your soulmate has become a booming business, and it comes as little surprise.

Given the prevalence and speed of technology nowadays, it should also come as no surprise that numerous apps have begun to spring up to allow you to find love, a casual date, or anything else that you might be looking for on your smartphone. More and more people are flocking to these apps because of their convenience and ease of use, and it remains to be seen exactly what they can turn into.

Already, aside from general “do you like this person or think they are attractive?” apps, there are nuanced apps that do things like allow you to meet someone while waiting to catch a flight or use the GPS feature in your cell phone to find nearby singles that you can meet.


How Dangerous Can Dating Apps Be?


People generally view these apps as good things, but – as with anything that involves meeting up with a stranger these days – people have to be aware of their safety, both physical and emotional. People need to realize that for every person who wants to find true love on an app on their phone, there are many more people just looking for a casual hookup or something else short term.


In addition to meeting somebody who has different ideas about your relationship, dating apps can also put you at risk in the ever-increasing world of identity theft. Here are some things to keep in mind when using a dating app:


  • It will probably not lead to a traditional dating relationship. Phone dating apps are generally geared toward spur-of-the-moment decisions, which turn into bad decisions more often than good ones. If you are vulnerable, the immediate gratification of these apps can be tempting, but it may also lead to further disappointment.


  • These apps are really a controlled environment. Apps promote finding other singles in public locations, but those locations are still not always places you want to go, particularly for young women. Alcohol can further impair judgment, so being aware of your surroundings is particularly important.


  • People may not be what they appear. Apps do not feature background checks, so just because somebody seems great on the app does mean that is who they really are.


These apps are steps in the right direction because if you are looking for love, then being available only increases your odds of finding it. But as with any new adventure, just make sure to use common sense to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. If you do that, you should be fine.


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