Cash In On The CrowdSourcing Craze: The Top Five Best Sites on the Web

Cash In On The CrowdSourcing Craze: The Top Five Best Sites on the Web.

If you want to boost your business, try out one of these awesome crowdsourcing websites! For those of you who are not in the know, crowdsourcing refers to when a business—for example, an up-and-coming startup—conducts user-based tests to see what the average visitor to your website thinks works and doesn’t work, writes E-Consultancy. So, if you’re looking to breathe life into your website or you want to hit the ground running on your start-up’s brand spankin’ new website, check out these excellent crowdsourcing options!

99 Designs: E-Consultancy raves about this website because it allows the company to submit both a brief and the fee they will pay the contest winner. Users can then submit their designs and if they win, they’ll get the prize money and the company gets an awesome new logo with zero fuss.

UTest: If you’re looking to get real-time reviews about your company’s new App or Software, have it crowd-sourced at UTest. MegaFounder reassures companies that it’s both secure so you don’t have to fret about anyone stealing your ideas and profiting off of your hard work and it also comes with usability tests so you can see what aspects work or don’t work with the design.

Poptent: If you want to crowdsource your advertisements, E-Consultancy has plenty of good things to say about this website. Poptent allows companies to connect with independent and freelance videographers so that they can design advertisements and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Plus it’s an excellent way for designers, directors, and writers to network with Fortune 500 companies and build their portfolio, too!

Ponoko: This crowdsourcing site allows both the product designers and the shoppers to come together and bring their ideas to life, says E-Consultancy. Even if you have no artistic talent, never fear! Ponoko has a team of designers on hand to work with you to help you turn your idea from merely a fantasy into a real-life item.

Chaordix: Mega Founder writes that this site is the place to go for all your marketing needs. You’ll be able to work with users to gain valuable information on metrics, get feed back on market research, and gain a competitive edge. Even companies such as IBM and American Airlines have used Chaordix and are proudly listed as some of their more popular clients on the official website.

Next time you’re stuck in a creative rut or need more feedback, try out one of thee crowdsourcing sites and let them help you transform your company into one that stands out from the crowd!