But wait! There’s more! Cellphone case does just about everything


The thing is like a Swiss army knife for your cell phone.

Among its 14 different tools are a nail file, pen, memory card, tweezers, mirror, tire patches, wrenches, screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener and flashlight.

In other words, if you and McGyver find yourselves in a South American prison, tell him he doesn’t have to make an explosive out of pocket fuzz. Just whip out your cell phone. The device itself is useless, but its MyTask carrying case will have the two of you back at the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles in time for dinner.

Allyson McCormley, a spokesperson for TaskLab and its MyTask case, says you can even catch a plane back to Los Angeles. The whole thing is TSA compliant.

Developers have a Kickstarter campaign to get the TaskLab case on the market. They have about a week to go, and have raised roughly $7,000 of the $25,000 they’re seeking.

McCormley says the access “makes your cell phone smarter; myTask not only protects your iPhone, but it also incorporates a hidden compartment with a range of tools designed to help in times of need and customized for your life.”

The tools are all made of 440C stainless steel and Polycarbonate. The kit (and its kaboodle) weights about 65 grams so, says McCormley, “so barely adds any bulk to your cellphone.

“TaskLab builds ‘smart’ cell phone accessories that are designed for higher levels of consumer engagement, customization and product value,” says McCormley, a publicist for Orca Communications.

“Our company was founded upon the belief that mobile device and it’s technology will transform the way people interact with their environments. Our brand promise is to deliver on that experience.”