BCC – Blind Carbon Copy: Protecting The Privacy of Your Friends


We all know how important it is to protect our privacy on line. But did you know that you may be compromising the privacy of your friends? Let’s look at how you can protect your friends’ privacy with an email function called BCC or Blind Carbon Copy.

When you send or forward an email to multiple recipients, all of their email addresses go in to the CC or Carbon Copy field of your email by default. Every person who receives that email will see and have access to the email address of every one you have sent it to. This is an invasion of privacy and could compromise the security of your friends’ email addresses.

The solution? BCC or Blind Carbon Copy. When you are addressing an email to multiple recipients instead of putting their addresses in the “To” and “CC” fields, put their addresses in the “BCC” or Blind Carbon Copy field.

When the recipients receive your email the “To” field will now show something like “Undisclosed Recipients” instead of everyone’s email addresses. This means nobody can see who else you sent the email to.

BCC or Blind Carbon Copy is a very simple action you can take to protect the privacy of your friends. If you receive an email that was sent to several people and you see everyone’s email addresses in the “To” field, take the time to respond to the sender and teach them how to use their BCC, or Blind Carbon Copy function in their email. The more people who use BCC the greater the privacy of everyone’s email addresses, so spread the word!