Are Cell Phone Viruses Dangerous?


Personal computers are being replaced by smartphones due to their small size and because they house a large application database which can manage many of your needs. For their diminutive size, they have a powerful processor. Although their size differs, their functionality and capabilities are similar to each other. Just as malicious viruses infect some computers and threaten all of them, cell phone viruses are doing the same job on smartphones. And because they are difficult to spot, these viruses can be dangerous.

Many smartphone viruses run without you knowing it while consuming your battery and processing power. If your phone starts to slow down, you should assume that it is a virus and take appropriate measures. If you own a smartphone, chances are that you are using it to browse the Internet, send emails, and so on. Cell phone viruses use your habits against you. A virus can access your phone without you knowing about it and can steal important information, such as passwords, phone numbers, credit card details, and so forth. It can also use your phone’s GPS functionality to pinpoint your whereabouts to hackers. It does not matter where they or you are! Dangerous, isn’t it?

In order to protect yourself against these viruses, install some security software on your smartphone and scan your phone regularly. Use a task manager and a data usage monitor to learn about any suspicious applications running in the background of your smartphone. Never assume that cell phone viruses are harmless, because they are not! It is too bad societies around the world do not punish these virtual criminals more in the real world when they are caught.