An Intro To Car Technology


Motion is the first principle which we come across. The ability to move from one place to another has gone through a lot of transformations over the ages. After the invention of the wheel, there has been no looking back. Diesel engines, cars, and other forms of locomotives have been developed, with cars playing perhaps the biggest role in transportation. As time progressed, the technology related to cars has also evolved. Car technology has spread out its arms in all possible directions. Some of the best technological improvements incorporated into today’s cars are:

• Run flat tires: at some point of time, you must have had a busted tire while in traffic. Situations like these could get really problematic. However, if you have run-flat tires, then you can drive for an extra 50 miles before replacing them.

• Navigation systems: most of the newer cars being manufactured today are supplied with an onboard-navigation system. This is especially useful when the person is new to an area. Most of the newer navigation systems also provide information regarding the traffic density along selected routes.

• Back-up assist: counted amongst the best car technology to have made it to the market. Rear view cameras provide a significant boost to visibility of objects, or people/cars/bikes/other objects behind the vehicle.

if your car becomes too close to the lane divider while driving, this device emits a small beep informing the driver of this fact.

Our needs and requirements are evolving with every passing hour. And so are our technological achievements. Anti-gravity cars, cars running only on water with zero pollution, all these fantasies may soon turn into a reality. All we need to do is wait, and hopefully the EPA and excessive regulations do not make it any harder to do business and to innovate. It would also help if America reformed its immigration policies to allow more skilled and educated workers to remain in the country.