5 Things You Should Never do Online


The Internet is like atomic energy. If used correctly, it has so many advantages and offers so many rewards, but if misused, it can be very destructive. With almost everyone using the Internet in some form, the whole human community is at risk. Hackers, viruses, molesters – you can find every type of threat online, and that is why you should be aware of some dangerous mistakes you should avoid in order to remain safe virtually and in reality. Some of them are listed below:

• Never post your email address in public forums, or anywhere online. It is very easy for spammers to gain access to such information. Until and unless you want your inbox flooded with spam, remember and practice this tip. If you are receiving spam from those losers, never respond to it. Spam mail often contains phishing and malware links which makes it easier for hackers to steal your identity. In addition to that, do not share your personal information such as name, city, and address in public chat rooms.
• A big online problem is the publicizing of your life’s events. Stop it at any cost. Begin by not posting where you will be partying in a few hours from now, or post pictures of you or your friends in embarrassing situations. You never know who is watching. Whenever you post something on the Internet, despite all the privacy options you employ, that content is bound to spread. Just for professional reasons this is foolhardy; pictures you think are funny today could have professional repercussions tomorrow.
• With the growing popularity of online chat rooms, more and more users are ignoring potential dangerous mistakes they are being exposed to. It is becoming quite common that people find someone online in such a chat room or social media site, and after some chat sessions or communication, both parties agree to meet each other. Now remember, you can meet tremendous people online with fabulous character, but you should be cautious about it. Do not agree to meet strangers in non-public places, or reveal personal information like your home address or phone number until and unless you are sure that the person you are chatting with can be trusted.
• Online sex is counted amongst the biggest online problem experienced by some people. No matter who asks for it, be it your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your spouse, never display your private pictures online. There have been numerous scandals in the past to prove the point that private pictures have a way of always reaching a bigger audience. This point has been touched upon already.
• Do not purchase goods or services from unfamiliar or unknown websites. There are thousands of websites out there, which are created with just one aim in mind – to steal your money and other financial information.

The Biggest Threats are Human in Nature

So, is there some method or way to protect yourself from such dangerous mistakes you could commit on the Internet? Well – not exactly. Now, there are many software programs which guarantee to protect you from malicious links, spam, and malware. But the only security you require is a cautious mind and a little more awareness regarding the Internet perils that exist.