5 Chatroom Mistakes You don’t Know You’re Making


“Hello Stranger”, a word known by most netizen today. The online community has expanded to every corner of the world. With the birth of online chat rooms and services like Omegle, Chatablanca, and so on, people have found new ways to interact and meet with people from different countries and continents. However, most people unknowingly commit mistakes while chatting which could have grave consequences. Here are some of them:

• Do not be under the impression that you can do whatever you want to in a chat room. Every chat room is governed by a set of rules, and turning a blind eye to these is a big mistake. Posting spam messages, pornography, harassing someone, and other such activities in free internet chat rooms are taken very seriously. People found indulging in any of these are generally blocked and even legal action can be taken against them.
• When signing up for such services, make sure that you do not share identifiers in your ID or screen name. Doing so makes it very easy for possible harassers to know your identity online. In particular, avoid using names which are the same or similar to the name you use on other sites such as Facebook. If a stranger asks you for particulars, like city, name and so on, be discrete and do not share the information until you are sure that the other person can be trusted.
• It may seem weird, but a lot of online chat room users have had their accounts hacked. If you come across a person who claims to be a representative of the chat or IM service you are using and requests your password for some “maintenance” issue, make a point to never share the password under any circumstances. You can also give them a fake password just to mess with them since they apparently do not care too much for other people.
• While chatting, do not use capital letters. When it comes to Internet jargon, using capital letters is synonymous with shouting, and is considered quite rude. Most importantly, be patient while chatting in free internet chat rooms. If the other person is slow to reply, do not push them. The last image you want to project of yourself is that of a spoiled, immature brat to someone you just met.
• Even though it is very tough to identify the other person, try to learn more about them. Chat rooms are mostly unable to prevent minors from gaining access to their services. So if you end up in a conversation which is inappropriate for a minor, you can end up breaking several federal and state laws and may even face jail-time for such activity.

Crucial Information Conveyed

The Internet is evolving with every passing second. It is true that you cannot account for all your activities on the World Wide Web, but if you unknowingly commit a mistake, it is only you who will have to face the consequences. So the next time you engage some online chat rooms, be a little more cautious.