4 The Latest Trends in Wearable Tech


The idea of wearing technology may seem a bit odd on the surface, at least to those who still remember the days when we could leave home without the worry about not having your cell phone in hand. Today, people have a tendency to become completely bothered if they can’t get near their phones, and it’s not just about calls anymore.

It’s about texting, apps, gaming, watching TV and movies, and much more. It can also be about staying in shape, keeping track of appointments, and even accessories for certain outfits.

Every year there are new innovations and trends that people try to predict, track, and even get involved in for one reason or another. Millions of Americans have a strong desire to get the latest and best technology, regardless of the cost or just how long they’ll have to wait around in line to get it (we’re looking at you, all those people who spent hours and even days waiting in line for the new iPhone … remember, you can’t ever go back and get that time back, but now everyone and their cousin has the same phone as you).

But if you’re one of those who wants to stay on top of the latest tech trends, then 2016 is setting up to be quite an exciting time, especially when it comes to wearable technology. Here are 4 of the latest trends in wearable technology.

Fitbit Continues to Reign Supreme

Anyone who has been paying attention to the fitness world knows the name ‘Fitbit.’ This is a wearable technology that keeps track of how many steps you take, heart rate, and even helps you stay on track by encouraging you to get up and moving when you’ve been idle (sedentary) for an extended length of time.

While there’s going to be an increase in competition for Fitbit, there’s no real threat to its dominance, at least not in the U.S.

Smartwatches Will Grow to a Bigger Market

Smartwatches, like so many other new technological innovations, has been a bit too expensive for the average person, and they didn’t offer the kind of benefit people want to see.

However, that’ll continue to change and though they won’t take over smartphones or activity trackers just yet, they’ll continue to expand in the marketplace.

Wearable Apps Will Improve

And become more expensive. Many of the apps that will be associated with wearable technology will be focused on activities, and that’s okay. They’ll also begin focusing more energy on health, helping to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and much more.

With these improved options, the cost of these apps is likely going to increase as well.

Hackers Will Target Wearable Tech

With any technological innovation, there’s an increased chance that hackers will begin setting their sights on it. Why? Well, because they can. It’s annoying and childish, but there are also those hackers who will seek to steal information from those tech users.

Don’t worry too much about that, though, because there will always be anti-virus and security programs developed to help keep users safer.


Written by G. T. Hedlund