3 Steps to More LinkedIn Views


LinkedIn is a very powerful social media tool for business. It can help the unemployed find jobs, career men and women network to find clients, and students to begin their job search after school. Its professional advantages are endless, but it is each user’s responsibility to make the most out of his or her LinkedIn profile.

The website makes it easy to keep track of how many people view your profile daily, and depending on privacy settings, it even lets you know exactly who is looking at your information. To get people actually viewing your page, practice a few of these simple solutions.

1. Complete your profile
The easiest way for you to ensure the site lists you in more search results, is by completing your profile. Take some time to list your work and education history, and fill out brief descriptions of your responsibilities. Now is your time to shine, so list any volunteer work, skills and awards that make you stand out. Make sure you have a current professional photo or head shot, and add co-workers, members of an organization you belong to and other friends as connections. A LinkedIn profile with any of these key components missing will look empty or like an afterthought, and will probably be passed over. Make sure you don’t give out too much personal information you wouldn’t want to share with a future employer, and keep everything professional. Spell check and have someone proofread your profile for grammar mistakes. Also, make sure your contact information is listed and current.

2. Keyword optimization
Hiring managers and recruiters are typing certain keywords into LinkedIn search bars, so make sure you’re using these strategically in your profile. List your current job title and industry, but don’t get too repetitive or redundant. If, for example, you work as a reporter for a newspaper, avoid descriptions like “I am a journalism graduate working in the journalism industry as an investigative journalist.” This is overkill, and you should leave more room for words like “reporter,” “newspaper” and “writer.” If you’re pursuing work in a related field like editing, be sure you make this known on your profile with phrases like “looking for a career in the editing field” or “pursuing employment as an editor.”

3. Post frequently
Post links to interesting articles that relate to your industry at least once a week, and comment on others’ posts. View other people’s profiles, add your recommendations, endorse others’ skills, and there’s a good chance they will return the favor. Recommendations and endorsements look impressive to prospective employers, and they may even reach out to these people as references. Make sure you have your privacy settings set to allow outside users to view your profile and activity.